Immersive Virtual Environments @ Kodiak High School

What if you could build immersive and interactive 3D environments with something as simple as HTML? KHS students are learning to do just that by using A-Frame. This project introduces current trends in WebXR development, and provides students with an easy and accessible way to create Virtual Reality experiences. This project was part of the 2020/2021 iOS App/Web Development courses taught by Anthony White.

These experiences will work on any device with an internet connection. To move around simply click WASD on your keyboard, or pinch with your fingers on mobile. Some experiences do not allow you to move around.

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Fever Dream Land

By Ricky & Fran

A strange world where stuff kinda makes sense but not really. Not much to do other than walk around and wonder if this was really a good use of time.

Solar System Project

By Kurt & Kyle

We made a solar system. Be amazed!

Pretty Cool Jump Scare

By Ben, Marques & Michael

Scary man opens closet door.

Falling Ball

By Kyla & Josiah

Ball falling from building. Super cool.

Spoopy Maze 3.0

By Connor, Makoto & Max

A complex maze in VR with a seizure inducing end!

Star Wars Fight

By Bri & Sean

A representation of what happened on Mustafar

The Shooting Conies

By JJ & Ryan

Super Shaq

By Angus & Tyrone

Ping pong, cars, planets. What more can you ask for?

Solar System Scene

By Riley & Kaiden

Box House

By Chris, Brendan & Marissa

Space Adventure

By Manny & Kaleb

Come explore the wonders of space and aliens!

Sith Temple

By Sean

Baby Soccer

By Christian

Lil' Nas X

By Marques

Neon City

By Ricky


By Makoto


By Max


By Kurt


By Christian

A Balancing Act

By George

Rings Over the Mountain

By Manny

The Big Olive

By Theron